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Chatham's Master of Arts in Food Studies in the Falk School of Sustainability emphasizes a holistic approach to food systems, from agriculture and food production to cuisines and consumption, providing intellectual and practical experience from field to table.

About the program


Courses of study include agricultural and culinary history as well as sociological, cultural, political, economic, and geographic examinations of food production and consumption with four concentrations that span the food system, plus a dual degree M.A. in Food Studies + MBA opportunity.


Eden Hall Campus and our hands-on curriculum bring learning to life. Students get involved with research opportunities with faculty and have placements with organizations during summer internships that provide real-world experience.


The Food Studies program thrives because of its involvement in the food and culinary community in both Pittsburgh and academia, which provide for community-based networks with excellent opportunities for research and involvement.


Chatham's students and alumni are making a difference in our region, across the country, and around the world. Our graduates are creating businesses and bettering communities from their experiences in the Food Studies program.


Food Politics

Food Politics

To understand the various forces at play to enact change on how and what we eat, knowledge of the social, political and cultural aspects of food is required. The concentration in Food Politics encompasses all sides of regulation, production, distribution, control, and consumption of food.
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Sample Class

FST 640: Sustainable Community Development
This course explores how people can engage in creating more sustainable communities on multiple scales, from local to regional. Students engage in practice-based research and projects.

Food Markets & Marketing

Food Markets & Marketing

A problem for many areas is access to quality food at a cost that is sustainable to both consumer and provider. The concentration in Food Markets & Marketing examines these issues to understand the influential factors and to help lessen problems like these that effect communities.
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Communications & Writing

Communications & Writing

Integral to promoting a sustainable and just food system is creating content about food and related issues like health and wellness. But to benefit society, a holisitic knowledge base driving the conversation is necessary. This concentration has been developed to do just that.
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Sample Class

FST 600: Oral History Intensive
This course allows students intensive experience conducting oral history. Students will produce three oral history interviews and participate in on-line and in-person discussions of technique, theory, and function.

Sustainable Agriculture

Sustainable Agriculture

The methods and technologies available to grow and produce healthy food are developing by the day. Education in sustainable agriculture can help solve problems like food access on a local scale and encourage communities to adopt healthier dietary practices.
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Eden Hall Farm Summer Recap

Eden Hall Farm Summer Recap

Food Studies + MBA

Food Studies + MBA Dual Degree

The Food Studies program, in partnership with Chatham's MBA program, has developed a dual degree program that positions graduates for leadership in food, health, wellness, and sustainable business sectors. Starting Fall 2016. More details to come.

Falk School of Sustainability

In 2010, Chatham established what is now the Falk School of Sustainability, one of the earliest schools of its kind in the country, to provide leadership for overcoming sustainability challenges from the local level to a global scale. We recognized that the only way to ensure success in sustainability advancement was to offer programs of study built upon real-world learning and practice – the professional preparation needed to be difference makers for the world. Through the Falk School, students create impactful careers.

Falk School of Sustainability

@ChathamFalk on Facebook

@ChathamFalk on Facebook

Food Studies Chatter

  • "I think people are finally waking up to understanding there's a difference between what we're being fed and what real food is.

    – Allen Matthews, Director of Sustainable Agriculture

  • "The Food Studies program is focused on training people to think about how we can remake the food system, how we can develop sustainable ways of feeding people and address the conditions of inequality that make it difficult for people to get access to good food."

    – Alice Julier, Food Studies Program Director

  • "What's exciting is some of the new ways of farming – sustainable farming, organic farming, using aquaculture, mixing things together – so a farm becomes an educational place as well as a place for work."

    – Peter Walker,
    Dean, Falk School of Sustainability

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Eden Hall Campus

Food Studies at Chatham

Eden Hall Campus Master Plan

Eden Hall Campus Master Plan

From the very beginning, the design of Eden Hall Campus was intended to be revolutionary. Each venue, classroom building, outdoor area, and residential space ensures full-campus sustainability and functions so that students don't just learn about sustainability, but live it every day. Review that full plan for Chatham's sustainable campus in the North Hills of Pittburgh. Download Master Plan ▶

A Brighter, Healthier Tomorrow

Eden Hall Campus | A Brighter, Healthier Tomorrow

There's a lot ongoing and planned for Eden Hall, and it all starts with our work in the sustainability field. Learn about Chatham's history of leadership in sustainability that has driven plans for our ultra-green Eden Hall Campus. Download Booklet ▶

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Partners in Sustainability

Pittsburgh's food, health, and sustainability infrastructure is growing. Chatham, the Falk School, and the Food Studies program partner with organizations across the region to better grow our collective abilities. See more ▶

Pittsburgh's Great American Comeback


"The capacity of society to meet its current needs without compromising the ecological, social, and economic systems on which society will rely for meeting future needs."

– Definition of sustainability adopted by Chatham's Board of Trustees, October 2008