Chatham University

Perspectives on Silent Spring at 50 Agenda


Day One: Friday, May 11, 2012

Theater of Flight at the National Aviary

Program Highlights


Welcome and Introductions:

Patrick Mangus, Executive Director, National Aviary [view biography]
Patricia DeMarco, Ph.D., Director, Rachel Carson Institute, Chatham University [view biography]

“Wings” performance: The Resurgence of the American Bald Eagle

Rachel Carson speech to the National Women’s Press Club – audio tape

Network Break

Voices from the Earth:

Moderator: Linda Lear, Ph.D. [view biography]
Scott Weidensaul [view biography] , "Living on the Wind: Across the Hemisphere with Migratory Birds" [download presentation]
Sherri Woodley [view biography] , “Gone But Not Forgotten” [download presentation]
John Juriga, Ph.D., [view biography] “The Illustrations of Bob Hines”

“That Book Is For the Birds”

[download presentation]

Linda Lear, Ph.D.

Reception/Speaker Dinner

National Aviary Atrium and Atria’s


Day Two: Saturday, May 12, 2012

Eddy Theatre, Chatham University

Program Highlights

Registration and Continental Breakfast


Esther Barazzone, Ph.D., President, Chatham University

Introduction to Keynote Speaker

Kim O'Dell, The Heinz Family Foundation

Reading from Rachel Carson

“A Fable for Tomorrow” from Silent Spring, p. 1-3.

“Environmental Contaminants and Health: Fifty Years of Lessons from Wildlife”

Louis Guillette, Ph.D., Heinz Award Recipient for 2011, Professor, Obstetrics and Gynecology, CoEE Endowed Chair of Marine Genomics, Marine Biomedicine and Environmental Sciences Center, Medical University of South Carolina [view biography]



Lessons From Silent Spring

Moderator: Bob Mulvihill, M.Sc., Director of Education, National Aviary [view biography]

Reading from Rachel Carson:

“Elixers of Death” from Silent Spring, p.15-16.

Steve Latta, Ph.D., National Aviary [view biography]
Holly Lohuis, Ocean Futures Society [view biography]
Terry Collins, Ph.D., Teresa Heinz Professor of Green Chemistry, Carnegie Mellon University [view biography]
David Evers, Ph.D., Executive Director and Chief Scientist, Biodiversity Research Institute [view biography]

Discussion and Q/A

Box Lunch
Networking opportunity
Library Foyer and Porch

Roundtable Discussion: Challenges for the 21st Century

Moderator: David Hassenzahl, Ph.D., Dean, School for Sustainability and the Environment, Chatham University

Readings from Rachel Carson:

“The Rumblings of an Avalanche” and “The Other Road” from Silent Spring Pages 275, 277-278.

Roger Christie, Grand-nephew and adopted son of Rachel Carson [view biography]
Mark Madison, Historian, National Fish and Wildlife Service [view biography]
Lou Hinds, Chincoteague National Wildlife Refuge [view biography]
George Jugovic, Jr., Executive Director, Penn Future [view biography]
Joylette Portlock, Ph.D., Climate Reality Project [view biography]
Patricia M. DeMarco, Ph.D., Director, Rachel Carson Institute, Chatham University [view biography]

Discussion and Q/A


The Image and the Message

Moderator: Prajna Parasher, Chair, Arts, Design, and Communication, Chatham University [view biography]

Reading from Rachel Carson:

“A New Chapter to Silent Spring” Carson’s speech to the Garden Club of America, January 1963. Reprinted in Lost Woods. Page 220-221

Don Hopey, Pittsburgh Post-Gazette [view biography]
Mark Dixon, YERT [view biography]
Anne T. Rosenthal, “Eco-art: Fostering Systems Thinking and Action” [view biography]
David Masur, Executive Director, Penn Environment [view biography]
Jonathan R. Latham, Ph.D., The Bioscience Resource Project [view biography]
Ann Payne, Artist, the Mountain Institute [view biography]

Voices for the Future

Moderator: Molly Mehling, Ph.D., School for Sustainability and the Environment, Chatham University
Reading from Rachel Carson: The Sense of Wonder. Page 100 [download presentation]


Alexandra Loperfito, Our Lady of the Most Blessed Sacrament School (Natrona Heights, Pennsylvania) National History Award for: “Crying Fowl: Rachel Carson and the Environmental Revolution”
Angela Wiley, Chatham University, Class of 2012. Student Delegate to United Nations 17th Conference of the Parties (COP17) on Climate Change. Durbin, South Africa.
Eva Resnik-Day, University of Pittsburgh, Environmental Studies, Class of 2012. Nominee for Women and Girls Foundation Women Greening Pittsburgh Award
Martha E. Yanders, Barak Obama Academy of International Studies. Leadership Ambassador of the Women and Girls Foundation
Kevin Zhang, North Allegheny High School, Class of 2012; hospital intern at the National Aviary. Kevin will be attending Ohio University’s Honors Tutorial College to study biology with a full tuition scholarship this fall.