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Bachelor of Sustainability (BSUS)

Chatham University's Falk School of Sustainability has responded to challenging ecological and economic times with an innovative program: the Bachelor of Sustainability (BSUS). As a graduate of our program, you can do more than tell employers what you're capable of doing; you'll be able to show them what you've done.

The Bachelor of Sustainability program emphasizes leadership, teamwork, entrepreneurialism, and experience — the very skills that will serve you wherever your future after Chatham may take you. Here, you won't just learn how renewable energy technology works; you'll work with solar panels and windmills. You won't just take business courses; you'll design and operate a business. You won't just read about sustainability; you'll live and learn on a new sustainable campus — the first in the world built from the ground up on the principles of sustainability — and contribute to making it work better. And with these experiences, you'll not only have a deep knowledge of sustainability and its place in the world, but you'll develop a portfolio of accomplishments that will prove your value to any employer. Here's what you can expect:

  • To gain the knowledge, skills, and experiences that will make you competitive for a range of careers.
  • To work with faculty, fellow students, and university leaders to help develop and improve both the program and Chatham's Eden Hall Campus.
  • To graduate understanding your personal mission and the ways you can make an impact.
  • To know how to work with and lead teams to tackle and resolve complex problems.
  • To establish life-long friends and colleagues who have the same drive and green interests as you.

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Bachelor of Sustainability students are pioneering, entrepreneurial individuals excited to take on the sustainability challenges of tomorrow. To learn more about the program and your place in it, fill out the form below and our BSUS recruiter will be in touch.

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Chatham Sustainability

Over the past decade, Chatham has led the sustainability movement in academia, and we continue to innovate sustainable solutions through our campus planning, academic programs, research projects, and student activities. Our leadership has garnered international awards and media recognition, and created opportunities for business, community, and government partnerships. We are recognized as one of the greenest institutions in the world, which we see as a fitting way to honor green pioneer and alumna Rachel Carson '29.